Look for Tradesmen

With this interactive directory at your disposal, it's now easier for you to look for any tradesman anytime, anywhere.

Look for Merchants

Our app has a list of construction-related merchants, making shopping for tools a breeze.

Look for Jobs

When you post a job, tradesmen in the vicinity will instantly get notified of your situation and assist you.

Better work management

Worka is packed with great tools used to record the important events in your daily jobs. You can also team up with other tradesmen to work on a project together, making sure everyone is on the right page.

Made especially for tradesmen

Developed by a team of tradesmen and hobbyist programmers, it's our joy and pride to see our users having a great experience on the app. We're constantly updating the app to meet your demands for work.

Bob H.

Was looking for a local plumber and found one straight away with Worka. This app is a great idea especially if you're new in the neighbourhood!

Agnes T.

I'm a landscaper so I need more contacts to increase my sales. Business has been booming ever since I've set up a profile.

Robin G.

Used Worka to look for a couple of bricklayers. It's so easy and quick to find what you're looking for. A nice and beautiful design too.